About Us

100+ Women Who Care of Yarmouth County was founded to facilitate the strength of the women in our community.

Individually we can do great things, but the power of a group of women that are passionate about the community we live in cannot be measured. We are hoping to harness some of that spirit by gathering on a quarterly basis and choosing a worthy charitable organization to benefit from our donations.

Each woman who becomes a member is asked to commit to 4 meetings that are each 1 hour in length for one year. They also commit to donating $100 per meeting ($400 per annum) and taking part in the quarterly voting process. This amount, multiplied by the number of members, will exceed $10,000 per quarter, to be awarded to a worthy cause.

Your voice will be of utmost importance. Each member is entitled to nominate their favorite charity each quarter. 3 charities are randomly drawn out of a hat and these charities must make a 5 minute presentation at the quarterly meeting to tell their members about their organization and how the money will be spent. The members then vote on the 3 charities and the winner is rewarded that very night. All members will receive a charitable donation receipt for their full $100 as absolutely none of the money supplied by members is used for administrative purposes. All charities receiving a donation are not eligible for another nomination for a 3 year period - allowing 12 organizations to benefit over the 3 year period. In total, we will facilitate donations exceeding $40,000 per annum - What an exciting concept!

We will be uploading member commitment forms, nomination forms and more information to facilitate our first meeting in December.

So please, spread the word to all of the passionate and kind-hearted women of this community. We look forward to gathering together to touch the lives of our fellow Yarmouthians.